Teachers’ Tryathlon – get teachers tweeting

“If CPD is a wall of knowledge, Twitter creates the cement that binds the bricks together”

Twitter has been described by many colleagues as a way of transforming their teaching with the excellent bank of ideas, resources and general chat which is on offer.  With shrinking CPD budgets, and more difficult financial forecasts for future years, Twitter provides CPD at no financial cost and also facilitates outstanding CPD.  The possibilities are endless, from finding local teachmeets to global networking.  However, it is still estimated that the majority of teachers are not regular Twitter users.


The #TeachersTryathlon is a new initiative to get more teachers sharing ideas on Twitter.  We would like to celebrate the first tweets of new Twitter users at @TeachingGroup.  This is a ‘3 stage race’ that gets progressively more difficult.

Stage 1 – setting up a Twitter account

You will initially need to encourage colleagues to set up Twitter accounts in your school.  Twitter is all about sharing ideas and expertise so it would be wise to find a colleague or colleagues in your school or other local school who could become  ‘Twitter Champions’ and run a training course or support individuals.  Setting up a Twitter account is the easy part but colleagues would benefit from some quick tutorials on how to master the basics like setting up their profile and browsing tweets and blogs.

Stage 2 – Follow and get Followers

The first question that a new user probably has is why would somebody want to follow me?

The easiest way to get followers is to follow people you know.  You can also look at who they follow/who follows them to find people with similar interests.  You will find that when you start to follow people, a good number of those people will follow you back.  You can also retweet or quote tweet their posts which will add their ideas onto your Twitter page.

Top tip – see our blog with 10 Twitter pages that you might want to follow

Stage 3 – Post a Tweet to @TeachingGroup and #TeachersTryathlon

The last stage of the Twitter Tryathlon is to post a Tweet.  This can be done in a variety of ways:

Text – you can add up to 140 characters per tweet and make a comment or post a quote or
Images – you can add a picture to your tweet (each picture can take up some of your character quota)
Links to videos can be added by copying and pasting their web address.
You can notify another user that you are posting a tweet by adding their @ name in the tweet
A hashtag is a filter that will add your tweet to a specific category.  If you added #TeachersTryathlon to your tweet, other users can search using #TeachersTryathlon and find all the posts which contain that specific #

Please visit our YouTube channel to find video tutorials that support getting started on Twitter.

Please join the #TeachersTryathlon.  We would love to see and share your post with our thousands of followers.  Post to @TeachingGroup #TeachersTryathlon.

Ideas for your first Tweet.

Collaborative blog – post an inspirational quote which we will build into a blog and credit you by adding your @ name

Best post – post an idea, quote, photo, video, blog etc.  There will be prizes for the best posts

Talent spotting – post an idea on behalf of a colleague or a member of your team

Good luck! We look forward to reading your posts.

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