Ten Twitter Accounts that Teachers and the Education Community might want to follow

Twitter is an outstanding education resource library.  However, with the growing number of Twitter accounts, it can often seem impossible to search the growing education network for people to follow.  We have created a list of 10 education accounts that you would probably want to follow:

  1. @TeacherToolkit – probably the best education blogging account on Twitter. With hundreds of blogs, you will never be short of a thought provoking blog or a practical guide on a wide range of topics from education.  This account also has lots of blogs supporting the well-being of teachers.
  2. @TES – The TES has a main account and many smaller accounts which focus on different areas of education. The main TES account provides access to some great articles from the magazine (free of charge) and it is always worth having a look on @tesResources for new ideas.
  3. @Ofstednews – I love the idea that OfSTED are engaging more with teachers through social media. Ideas like #OfstedMyths gives teachers an insight into the thinking behind an inspection and gives more clarity to what an inspector is looking for.  There are still problems with the inspection system and teachers still don’t trust inspectors, but I believe that @Ofstednews has helped to bridge the gap between OfSTED and teachers and has the potential to build more communication and trust.
  4. @educationgovuk – It is always useful to know what the Department for Education is planning and implementing. This is a great place to find information and you can also post your opinion to @educationgovuk.
  5. @pedagoo – this account is the creator of #pedagoofriday which filters a list of practical ideas posted by teachers. This is great for smaller Twitter accounts because if @pedagoo retweet your idea, it will be sent out to their thousands of followers.  This account benefits education across the globe as it motivates teachers to try out new ideas.
  6. @LeadingLearner – this is an account sharing a great range of blogs and ideas and the author is the creator of the 5 minute well-being plan. The author, Stephen Tierney, is a leader in a faith school. He gives his blogs a subtle blend of spiritual and academic thoughts about education.
  7. @Gary_S_King – this account always has an interesting blog or idea posted. I have often retweeted or been inspired by the ideas that have been posted.  Gary has a good range of personal ideas and retweets.  One of my favourite ideas was the Bloom’s Taxonomy question fan which I plan to use.
  8. @87History – this account is probably less well-known than some of the bigger accounts above. However, I would describe it as a bazaar of teaching ideas which are posted by the account author and through retweeting.  There is always an interesting idea to use or retweet for colleagues.
  9. @MrThorntonTeach – the best compliment for a teacher is for another teacher to say ‘I would love it if my children were taught by you’ or ‘my children loved your lessons’. I have never met Mr Thornton before or seen his lessons but his Twitter account demonstrates a passion for teaching.  A colourful classroom is photographed in his banner and he always posts excellent teaching resources.  If you want to promote your classroom through Twitter, check out this account.
  10. @TeachingGroup – and finally us. We are a teaching group that has been established for many years but we are new to Twitter.  We love sharing ideas and believe that teachers make a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis.  We want to share our existing expertise and build our growing network.  We love your ideas.  Please post to us @TeachingGroup.

‘Top Blog’ – One other blog that is worth mentioning was from @MrsHumanitites.  This kind of blog epitomises what Twitter is all about.  It is a collection of practical ideas which could be adapted and applied in other subjects.


We are always looking for new practical ideas at @TeachingGroup and love to look at digital photos and video that showcase your work.  Please post your ideas to @TeachingGroup

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