About Us

Who are we?

Hi there! We are a team of teachers and teaching support staff from the North West.  We meet regularly throughout the academic year to share ideas and resources.

Our philosophy:

Every teacher has their own teaching specialisms and outstanding ideas.  We believe that the ‘Butterfly effect’ (a mathematical theory that says a flap of a butterfly’s wings can create a domino effect in the atmosphere which could cause a hurricane) is present in teaching.  A seemingly insignificant idea which is shared with colleagues can transform the teaching of others.

How do we share:

We share at group meetings ‘in person’ but also use digital media to enhance communication.  We overcame the barrier of insufficient time to observe colleagues by videoing lessons which allows us to observe at a time which is convenient for us or collectively as a group.  We have used video for DIY observation (unedited video), edited videos of learning activities and structured videos for educational research.

Please join us:

We are always looking for new ideas and inspiration from other teachers.  We hope to expand the group by using social media. Please join us and share your ideas.

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