#RibbleValleyTeachmeet – 28th February 2018 – hosted by St Augustine’s

Our venue address and details can be found at www.sarchs.com

Thanks to our sponsors for the prizes that have been donated for the #RibbleValleyTeachmeet

Windermere Hotel Break – Shearings
Learning by Questions – Tablet Computer
£50 Voucher Grays Schoolwear

Wine – Whalley Wine Shop

Please join us by clicking on the link below:


Following the success of the #RibbleValleyTeachmeet last year, we are hoping to run the event on an annual basis, starting this March.

#RibbleValleyTeachmeet has:

1. helped to enhance the learning experience of children in the classroom by sharing ideas with hundreds of teachers during our meetings over the last 9 years.

2. helped to enhance the learning experience of children across the globe through sharing ideas on our website and by using social media.

3.  helped to develop the next generation of teachers as our newsletters and ideas are being shared with student teachers across the North West and local area which will help them to get the best start with their vocation.

This is a very exciting opportunity for teachers to share ideas, network and have fun during the process. Also, the benefits of #Teachmeets are much more than ‘traditional CPD’. One of the most powerful things that you can get from attending a Teachmeet is hearing ideas from teachers that are practising these activities in their classrooms. These ideas work and we know this because the teachers are using them to develop their craft in the classroom and enhance the learning experience of their pupils.

These events are only successful through a collective participation of teachers with good ideas. We are hoping that all schools that attend can bring at least one idea to share, however, there is no limit on the number of colleagues who would like to attend/participate.  Ideas may be in the form of a resource, video clip, digital photo, practical demonstration etc.  Each slot should aim to be no more than 5 minutes but it can be as short as a minute.

Please can you fill in the electronic sign up form:


or email me the details of any teachers who would like to attend, anybody who would like to share an idea, how much time they need and any special requirements, for example, ICT equipment.

Further information on @TeachingGroup meetings can be found at:

@TeachingGroup (Twitter)

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and would welcome any teachers who would like to make suggestions for or help to organise the event.